My logo

Introducing my logo that I will be using now. I will still be tweaking it slightly as I see fit for for now this is what it’s gonna be. If you have any feedbacks, please let me know. Thank you and have a great day ūüôā



Blog Template 2


Another blog template. Would love to hear what you think about it. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks =)

Final Design

Blog Template Design

Historic Blog themeHi!

I created this template for my assignment. Let me know what you think.

Thanks =)

New project half animated

For a project, I thought I would create a short 10-minute film about industrial violence linking to knife crime of which 5-minutes of the film would transition into animation. Just a different idea for this type of messages that I want to be put across.

I will be working with my two closest friends who will specialise in illustrations and filming. The animations will be imported into After Effects and it would create a surreal effect on the drawings. The film will be in colour but would slowly change into black and white as we go into the animation. 

The storyline is about a young boy who is hurt mentally due to his parent’s negligence towards him and constant¬†arguments within the family which causes him to take his anger out on others. As he grows up his violence increases and eventually resulting in¬†committing¬†knife crime.

We are still working on the project and idea. We’d appreciate all suggestions and comments =)

Champion Hamilton

I know this is a bit late but Lewis Hamilton won the Formula One Championship! ¬†We’ve finally won for the first time in years. This is totally awesome!¬†Bless him, after all those racist comments but he’s pulled through it all.¬†Congrats to him and the team!

Lewis Hamilton portrait with hole punch dots

Something I read in the papers this morning which was rather intriguing. An art student created a portrait of Lewis Hamilton using discarded hole punch dots. I think it was around 250,000 individual dots! It took her 12 weeks to produce this portrait which was 8 x 5 feet and it really is extraordinary. Crazy maybe but wow!

She finished it just in time for the Brazilian Grand Prix, where Hamilton will be driving his attempt for the championship title. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a HUGE fan of Hamilton, but I am a fan and it would be great to see McLaren win so woo let’s hope they do =)

Anyway, back to the portrait. I’ve seen paintings of this kind of art movement before (pointillism) and have always been amazed at the difference between how they look from a distant and up close, but using hole punch dots is a whole new approach. The time and hard-work she’s put into that, just imagine how long it would take for a project of that size. Whoa! Obviously, she is an F1 fan and in particular a huge fan a McLaren so GOOD LUCK TO HAMILTON!

The new Spidey game

Hey guys! 

You probably have heard of the new Spiderman game, Web of Shadows which is has just been released on Friday. I played the game on the xbox 360 with a mate and it is awesome! 

There’s loads of different moves you can have fun with while you’re out exploring the city. One of the best thing about it is when you can change from the red-costumed Spiderman to the evil dark-suited version of him whenever you like which come fully equip with new abilities too. How great is that?!

There really is character and an overall great feel to this game and you can have so much fun on there for hours on end (I sound like a loser but hey lol). Definitely is the best Spiderman game by far. You should sooo try it out. Let me know what you think =)